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Kristin Lucas

Hey You Sandpipers

A generative interspecies duet written using javascript libraries and an API that support WebGL, tone and speech synthesis. Script co-written with an AI entity. Code co-written with Joe McKay.

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Kristin Lucas's experimental works blur boundaries between the technological and corporeal, and leverage imagination and play within a labyrinth of everyday systems and paradigms. She attended art school in New York when the World Wide Web was born and emerged in the late 90's at a pivotal cultural moment when boundaries between public and private, body and technology, virtual and physical, were increasingly dissolved. Life on this cusp was profound and led to examining the embodied externalities of systems and networks beyond their intended use.

Lucas has presented her work nationally and internationally through browsers, apps, platforms, microcinemas, galleries, art centers, festivals, residencies, fundraisers, zoos, and in public space. She is a member of Collective Task, an international group of artists and poets who respond to prompts and perform and publish together; and she has contributed to the international working group StoriesXFuture. Lucas lives between Austin and New York and teaches Expanded Media and DIY practices at University of Texas at Austin. She fosters cats and kittens for Austin Animal Center and Austin Pets Alive.